How Dutch Bros Handles Customers with Speed and Care?

Dutch Bros is known for its friendly and upbeat staff, who are always ready to greet customers with a smile and a kind word. This commitment to customer service has earned Dutch Bros a loyal following, with fans often referring to the chain as a “lifestyle” rather than just a place to grab a cup of coffee.

How Dutch Bros Handles Customers with Speed and Care

How Dutch Bros Handles Customers with Speed and Care?

But how does Dutch Bros handle so many customers with such speed and care? The answer lies in their innovative and efficient system of customer handling, which involves four main steps:

Step 1: Customers Enter the Queue

Unlike most drive-thru coffee shops, Dutch Bros does not have a single line of cars waiting to order and pay at the window. Instead, they have multiple feeder lines that converge into one main line at the window.

This allows them to serve more customers in less time, as well as reduce traffic congestion and frustration.

Step 2: Runners Greet Customer

As soon as a customer enters the queue, they are greeted by a runner, who is a staff member equipped with a tablet and a headset. The runner explains the menu, takes the customer’s order, and facilitates the payment.

The runner also engages the customer in a friendly conversation, making them feel welcome and valued. The runner then communicates the order to the barista at the window, who starts preparing the drink.

Step 3: Customer Receives Handcrafted Beverage

When the customer reaches the window, they are greeted by another staff member, who hands them their drink and thanks them for their visit.

The customer then leaves via the exit lane, which is separate from the feeder lines. This ensures a smooth and safe flow of traffic, as well as a quick and convenient exit for the customer.

Step 4: Escape Lane Provides a Convenient Exit

Sometimes, a customer’s order is ready before they reach the window, especially if they ordered a simple or cold drink.

In that case, the runner serves the customers their drink before reaching the window and directs them to the escape lane, which is a shortcut that bypasses the window and leads to the exit lane.

This way, the customer can enjoy their drink sooner, and the window can serve the next customer faster.

Walk-in Orders Windows

Some Dutch Bros locations also have walk-in order windows, which are an option for customers who prefer to order on foot rather than in their car. These windows are usually located on the side of the stand and are easy and fast to access. Customers can simply walk up to the window, place their order, and receive their drink in minutes.

Walk in order windows are especially convenient for customers who are nearby the stand, such as pedestrians, cyclists, or public transit users.

They are also a good choice for customers who want to avoid the drive-thru line, which can sometimes be long and slow. However, walk-in order windows are not always open and may depend on the availability of staff and the demand of customers.


Dutch Bros has a unique and effective system of customer handling, which allows them to serve more customers in less time, while also providing them with a friendly and personalized experience.

By using multiple feeder lines, runners with tablets, and escape lanes, Dutch Bros ensures that every customer is handled with speed and care. This is why Dutch Bros is more than just a coffee shop, it’s a lifestyle.