Dutch Bros Order Online

Dutch Bros itself doesn’t offer online delivery and you have to choose a third-party delivery service for placing your online orders like Delivery or Uber Eats.

When ordering online, Dutch Bros menu prices are slightly higher compared to visiting the Dutch Bros outlet. I am sharing a general idea for ordering Dutch Bros drinks online to help you choose your best drink.

Dutch Bros Order Online

Dutch Classics

KickerBreve, espresso, half and half, Irish cream syrupMedium$6.49+
CaramelizerEspresso, chocolate milk, caramel sauce, whipped creamMedium$6.49+
AnnihilatorChocolate macadamia nut breve, espresso, half and half, chocolate macadamia nut syrupMedium$6.49+
CocomoCoconut mocha, coconut syrup, chocolate milk, espresso, whipped creamMedium$6.49+
Double TortureDouble shot vanilla mocha, espresso, vanilla syrup, chocolate milk, extra double shot of espresso, whipped creamMedium$6.49+
9-1-1Strong espresso, half and half, Irish cream syrupMedium$6.49+
Golden EagleCreamy breve, espresso, half and half, vanilla syrup, caramel sauce, whipped cream, caramel sauce drizzleMedium$6.49+
Salted Caramel BreveBreve, salted caramelMedium$6.49+
Private Reserve AmericanoHand-pulled espresso shots of Dutch Bros Private Reserve coffee blend, waterMedium$4.29

Dutch Bros Chai

Drink NameIngredientsSizePrice
White Chocolate Chai Latte (Medium)Spiced Chai Tea, white chocolate sauce, choice of milk, whipped cream, cinnamon, nutmeg sprinklesMedium$5.29
Vanilla Chai (Medium)Vanilla Chai Tea Latte, vanilla syrup, choice of milk, whipped creamMedium$5.29
Golden Eagle Chai (Medium)Golden Eagle Chai Tea Breve, vanilla syrup, caramel sauce, caramel drizzle, whipped creamMedium$5.29
Christmas Morning Chai (Medium)White chocolate chai breveMedium$5.29
White Zombie Chai (Medium)White chocolate, vanillaMedium$5.29
Dirty Chai (Medium)Chai Tea Latte with added shotsMedium$5.29

Dutch Frost

DrinkAlmond Roca syrup, white chocolate sauce, whipped cream, confetti sprinklesSizePrice
Strawberry Dutch FrostStrawberry syrup, whipped creamMedium$6.59
Ninja Dutch FrostCreme de Menthe, white coconut, white chocolate sauce, whipped creamMedium$6.59
White Chocolate FrostWhite chocolate sauce, whipped creamMedium$6.59
Cotton Candy FrostBlue raspberry syrup, white chocolate sauce, whipped creamMedium$6.59
Birthday Cake FrostPeach, and passion fruit with blackberry and blue raspberry drizzleMedium$6.59
Unicorn Blood Dutch FrostStrawberry, white chocolate, almondMedium$6.59
Passion Water Dutch FrostPassion fruit, watermelonMedium$6.59
Red, White and Blue Dutch FrostRaspberry, blue raspberry, white chocolateMedium$6.59
Ray of Sunshine Dutch FrostBlack, peach, grapefruitMedium$6.59
Pink Flamingo Dutch FrostPeach, strawberry, white chocolateMedium$6.59
Peach Ring Dutch FrostWhite chocolate, passion fruit, peach drizzleMedium$6.59
Peach Cobbler Dutch FrostWhite chocolate, peach, chocolate macadamia nutMedium$6.59
Almond Bar Dutch FrostWhite chocolate, almondMedium$6.59
Palm Tree Dutch FrostPomegranate, passion fruit, limeMedium$6.59
Snickerdoodle Dutch FrostCinnamon, chocolate macadamia nut, white chocolate with cinnamon sprinklesMedium$6.59
Palm Beach Dutch FrostPomegranate, peachMedium$6.59
Orangesicle Dutch FrostOrange, vanillaMedium$6.59
OG Gummybear Dutch FrostPomegranate, passion fruit, watermelon, grapefruitMedium$6.59
Nutty Irishman Dutch FrostIrish cream, hazelnutMedium$6.59
Rocky Point Dutch FrostBlackberry, peach, coconut, orangeMedium$6.59
Stop Light Dutch FrostPomegranate, passion fruit, kiwiMedium$6.59
Starry Night Dutch FrostBlue raspberry, blackberryMedium$6.59
Midnight Dutch FrostBlackberry, pomegranateMedium$6.59
Sweet Sunrise Dutch FrostPeach, passion fruit, orange bananaMedium$6.59
The Bob Dutch FrostBanana, coconut, dark chocolateMedium$6.59
Toasted Mellow Dutch FrostVanilla, chocolate macadamia nutMedium$6.59
Tricky Tre Dutch FrostOrange, peachMedium$6.59
Trifecta Dutch FrostCaramel, white chocolate, dark chocolateMedium$6.59
Trixie Dutch FrostAlmond, orange, pomegranateMedium$6.59
Tuxedo Dutch FrostWhite chocolate, dark chocolateMedium$6.59
Vanilla Bean Dutch FrostVanilla, chocolate macadamia nutMedium$6.59
Wallaby Dutch FrostChocolate macadamia nut, dark chocolate, caramel drizzleMedium$6.59
White Angel Dutch FrostWhite chocolate, coconut, vanillaMedium$6.59
White Zombie Dutch FrostWhite chocolate, vanillaMedium$6.59
Molten Lava Dutch FrostCinnamon, dark chocolateMedium$6.59
Marmalade Dutch FrostStrawberry, orange, grapefruitMedium$6.59
Aquaberry Dutch FrostStrawberry, kiwi, blue raspberry, watermelonMedium$6.59
Eclipse Dutch FrostPeach, passion fruit with blackberry and blue raspberry drizzleMedium$6.59
Astronaut Dutch FrostBlackberry, raspberry, almondMedium$6.59
Banana Bread Dutch FrostBanana, hazelnutMedium$6.59
Banana Cream Pie Dutch FrostBanana, white chocolateMedium$6.59
Banana Split Dutch FrostVanilla, banana, dark chocolateMedium$6.59
Bubblegum Dutch FrostBanana, strawberry, vanillaMedium$6.59
Cake Batter Dutch FrostAlmond roca, white chocolateMedium$6.59
Cookie Dutch FrostWhite chocolate, chocolate macadamia nutMedium$6.59
Coral Reef Dutch FrostOrange, vanilla with blue raspberry drizzleMedium$6.59
Dinosaur Egg Dutch FrostBlue raspberry with strawberry, white chocolate, and almond drizzleMedium$6.59
Dragon Slayer Dutch FrostRaspberry, blue raspberry with blackberry drizzleMedium$6.59
Dream Weaver Dutch FrostHazelnut, white chocolateMedium$6.59
Dutch Canyon FrostWhite chocolate, dark chocolate, chocolate macadamia nut with caramel drizzleMedium$6.59
Dutch Mojito FrostCoconut, lime, creme de mentheMedium$6.59
Fire Lizard Dutch FrostStrawberry, banana, orangeMedium$6.59
Majestic Forest Dutch FrostBlackberry, blue raspberry, kiwiMedium$6.59
Flat Jack Dutch FrostSalted caramel, white chocolate, vanillaMedium$6.59
Freedom Dutch FrostVanilla with blueberry and raspberry drizzleMedium$6.59
Funky Monkey Dutch FrostBanana, dark chocolateMedium$6.59
Galaxy Fish Dutch FrostStrawberry, lime, passion fruitMedium$6.59
Gem Berry Dutch FrostBlackberry, vanilla, raspberryMedium$6.59
German Chocolate Dutch FrostCaramel, coconut, dark chocolateMedium$6.59
Grasshopper Dutch FrostCreme de menthe, dark chocolateMedium$6.59
Gummy Bear Dutch FrostKiwi, lime, white chocolateMedium$6.59
Hawaiian Dutch FrostBanana, orange, peach, strawberryMedium$6.59
Hyperchrome Dutch FrostOrange, passion fruit, pomegranateMedium$6.59
Irie Dutch FrostBanana, coconutMedium$6.59
Islander Dutch FrostChocolate macadamia nut, coconut, vanillaMedium$6.59
Jelly Donut Dutch FrostSalted caramel, raspberry, almondMedium$6.59
Laser Cat Dutch FrostRaspberry, coconutMedium$6.59

Dutch Freeze

Caramelizer Dutch FreezeCaramel sauce ribbons, chocolate milk, blended coffee, whipped creamMedium$8.39
Golden Eagle Dutch FreezeBlended coffee, vanilla syrup, caramel sauce, whipped cream, caramel drizzleMedium$8.39
Cocomo Dutch FreezeCoconut syrup, chocolate milk, blended coffee, whipped creamMedium$8.39
Picture Perfect Dutch FreezeBlended coffee, caramel sauce, chocolate sauce, whipped cream, drizzleMedium$8.39
Peppermint Bliss FreezeWhite chocolate, peppermint, candy cane sprinklesMedium$8.39
Dutch Bros Blue Rebel Energy- Glacier PeakBlue raspberry, vanilla, soft top, raw sugarMedium$7.49

Dutch Bros Lemonade

Drink NameIngredientsTypePrice
Electric Berry LemonadeLime, blue raspberry syrupIced/Blended$4.89+
Strawberry LemonadeSignature lemonade, strawberry syrupIced/Blended$4.89+
Palm Beach LemonadeSignature lemonade, pomegranate syrup, peach syrupIced/Blended$4.89+
Tiger’s Blood LemonadeSignature lemonade, strawberry syrup, coconut syrupIced/Blended$4.89+
Strawberry Pineapple LemonadeSignature lemonade, strawberry syrup, pineapple syrupIced/Blended$4.89+
Palm Trea LemonadePomegranate, passion fruit, limeIced/Blended$4.89+
Trixie LemonadeAlmond, orange, pomegranateIced/Blended$4.89+
Tricky Tre LemonadeOrange, peachIced/Blended$4.89+
Sweet Sunrise LemonadePeach, passion fruit, orange bananaIced/Blended$4.89+
Stoplight LemonadePomegranate, passion fruit, kiwiIced/Blended$4.89+
Starry Night LemonadeBlue raspberry, blackberryIced/Blended$4.89+
Rocky Point LemonadeBlackberry, peach, coconut, orangeIced/Blended$4.89+
Ray of Sunshine LemonadeBlackberry, peach, grapefruitIced/Blended$4.89+
Passion Water LemonadePassion fruit, watermelonIced/Blended$4.89+
Aquaberry LemonadeStrawberry, kiwi, blue raspberry, watermelonIced/Blended$4.89+
Astronaut LemonadeBlackberry, raspberry, almondIced/Blended$4.89+
OG Gummybear LemonadePomegranate, passion fruit, watermelon, grapefruitIced/Blended$4.89+
Midnight LemonadeBlackberry, pomegranateIced/Blended$4.89+
Marmalade LemonadeStrawberry, orange, grapefruitIced/Blended$4.89+
Majestic Forest LemonadeBlackberry, blue raspberry, kiwiIced/Blended$4.89+
Laser Cat LemonadeRaspberry, coconutIced/Blended$4.89+
Hyperchrome LemonadeOrange, passion fruit, pomegranateIced/Blended$4.89+
Hawaiian LemonadeBanana, orange, peach, strawberryIced/Blended$4.89+
Green Tea LemonadeIced/Blended$4.89+
Gem Berry LemonadeBlackberry, vanilla, raspberryIced/Blended$4.89+
Galaxy Fish LemonadeStrawberry, lime, passion fruitIced/Blended$4.89+
Fire Lizard LemonadeStrawberry, banana, orangeIced/Blended$4.89+
Eclipse LemonadePeach, passion fruit w/blackberry, blue raspberry drizzleIced/Blended$4.89+
Dragon Slayer LemonadeRaspberry, blue raspberry, blackberry drizzleIced/Blended$4.89+
Orangesicle LemonadeOrange, vanillaIced/Blended$4.89+

Dutch Bros Blue Rebel Energy Drink

Drink NameIngredientsSizePrice
Glacier Peak (Blue Rebel)Blue raspberry, vanilla, soft top, raw sugarMedium$7.49

Dutch Bros Dutch Cocoa

Drink NameIngredientsSizePrice
White Chocolate Dutch Cocoa (Medium)Exclusive chocolate milk, white chocolate sauceMedium$5.09
Caramel Dutch Cocoa (Medium)Exclusive creamy chocolate milkMedium$5.09
Double Chocolate Dutch Cocoa (Medium)Exclusive creamy chocolate milk, chocolate sauceMedium$5.09
Vanilla Dutch Cocoa (Medium)Exclusive creamy chocolate milk, vanilla syrupMedium$5.09
Salted Caramel with Whip Cream Dutch Cocoa (Medium)Medium$4.39
Hazelnut Truffle Dutch Cocoa (Medium)Hazelnut, soft top caramel drizzleMedium$5.09
Almond Bar Dutch Cocoa (Medium)White chocolate, almondMedium$5.09
Molten Lava Dutch Cocoa (Medium)Cinnamon, dark chocolateMedium$5.09
White Zombie Dutch Cocoa (Medium)White chocolate, vanillaMedium$5.09
White Angel Dutch Cocoa (Medium)White chocolate, coconut, vanillaMedium$5.09
Wallaby Dutch Cocoa (Medium)Chocolate macadamia nut, dark chocolate, caramelMedium$5.09
Vanilla Bean Dutch Cocoa (Medium)Vanilla, chocolate macadamia nutMedium$5.09
Tuxedo Dutch Cocoa (Medium)White chocolate, dark chocolateMedium$5.09
Trifecta Dutch Cocoa (Medium)Caramel, white chocolate, dark chocolateMedium$5.09
Toasted Mellow Dutch Cocoa (Medium)Vanilla, chocolate macadamia nutMedium$5.09
The Bob Dutch Cocoa (Medium)Banana, coconut, dark chocolateMedium$5.09
Snickerdoodle Dutch Cocoa (Medium)Cinnamon, chocolate macadamia nut, white chocolate with cinnamon sprinklesMedium$5.09
Nutty Irishman Dutch Cocoa (Medium)Irish cream, hazelnutMedium$5.09
Jelly Donut Dutch Cocoa (Medium)Salted caramel, raspberry, almondMedium$5.09
Banana Bread Dutch Cocoa (Medium)Banana, hazelnutMedium$5.09
Islander Dutch Cocoa (Medium)Chocolate macadamia nut, coconut, vanillaMedium$5.09
Irie Dutch Cocoa (Medium)Banana, coconutMedium$5.09
Grasshopper Dutch Cocoa (Medium)Creme de menthe, dark chocolateMedium$5.09
German Chocolate Dutch Cocoa (Medium)Caramel, coconut, dark chocolateMedium$5.09
Funky MonkeyBanana, dark chocolateMedium$5.09
French Vanilla Bean Dutch Cocoa (Medium)Vanilla, caramelMedium$5.09
Flap Jack Dutch Cocoa (Medium)Salted caramel, white chocolate, vanillaMedium$5.09
Dutch Canyon Cocoa (Medium)White chocolate, dark chocolate, chocolate macadamia nut with caramel drizzleMedium$5.09
Dream Weaver Dutch Cocoa (Medium)Hazelnut, white chocolateMedium$5.09
Cookie Dutch Cocoa (Medium)White chocolate, chocolate macadamia nutMedium$5.09
Cake Batter Dutch Cocoa (Medium)Almond Roca, white chocolateMedium$5.09
Banana Split Dutch Cocoa (Medium)Vanilla, banana, dark chocolateMedium$5.09
Banana Cream Pie Dutch Cocoa (Medium)Banana, white chocolateMedium$5.09

Dutch Bros Soda

Drink NameIngredientsSizePrice
Electric Berry Dutch Soda (Medium)Lime syrup, blue raspberry syrup, exclusive sparkling water, whipped creamMedium$3.99
Unicorn Blood Soda (Medium)Strawberry syrup, white chocolate sauce, almond syrup, sparkling soda water, whipped cream (option to add cream)Medium$3.99
OG Gummybear Dutch Soda (Medium)Pomegranate syrup, passion fruit syrup, watermelon syrup, grapefruit syrup, exclusive sparkling soda water, whipped cream (option to add cream)Medium$3.99
Watermelon Dutch Soda (Medium)Watermelon syrup, exclusive sparkling soda water, whipped cream (option to add cream)Medium$3.99
Aquaberry Dutch Soda (Medium)Strawberry, kiwi, blue raspberry, watermelonMedium$3.99
Ray of Sunshine Dutch Soda (Medium)Blackberry, peach, grapefruitMedium$3.99
Palm Beach Dutch Soda (Medium)Pomegranate, peachMedium$3.99
Palm Tree Dutch Soda (Medium)Pomegranate, passion fruit, limeMedium$3.99
Passion Water Dutch Soda (Medium)Passion fruit, watermelonMedium$3.99
Peach Ring Dutch Soda (Medium)White chocolate, passion fruit, peach drizzleMedium$3.99
Pink Flamingo Dutch Soda (Medium)Peach, strawberry, white chocolateMedium$3.99
Rocky Point Dutch Soda (Medium)Blackberry, peach, coconut, orangeMedium$3.99
Red, White and Blue Dutch Soda (Medium)Raspberry, blue raspberry, white chocolateMedium$3.99
Starry Night Dutch Soda (Medium)Blue Raspberry, blackberryMedium$3.99
Stop Light Dutch Soda (Medium)Pomegranate, passion fruit, kiwiMedium$3.99
Sweet Sunrise Dutch Soda (Medium)Peach, passion fruit, orange, bananaMedium$3.99
Tricky Tre Dutch Soda (Medium)Orange, peachMedium$3.99
Trixie Dutch Soda (Medium)Almond, orange, pomegranateMedium$3.99
Orangesicle Dutch Soda (Medium)Orange, vanillaMedium$3.99
Midnight Dutch Soda (Medium)Blackberry, pomegranateMedium$3.99
Astronaut Dutch Soda (Medium)Blackberry, raspberry, almondMedium$3.99
Freedom Dutch Soda (Medium)Vanilla with blue raspberry and raspberry drizzleMedium$3.99
Bubblegum Dutch Soda (Medium)Banana, strawberry, vanillaMedium$3.99
Dinosaur Egg Dutch Soda (Medium)Blue raspberry with strawberry, white chocolate, and almond drizzleMedium$3.99
Dragon Slayer Dutch Soda (Medium)Raspberry, blue raspberry with blackberry drizzleMedium$3.99
Dutch Mojito Soda (Medium)Coconut, lime, creme de mentheMedium$3.99
Eclipse Dutch Soda (Medium)Peach passion fruit with blackberry and blue raspberry drizzleMedium$3.99
Fire Lizard Dutch Soda (Medium)Strawberry, banana, orangeMedium$3.99
Galaxy Fish Dutch Soda (Medium)Strawberry, lime, passion fruitMedium$3.99
Marmalade Dutch Soda (Medium)Strawberry, orange, grapefruitMedium$3.99
Gem Berry Dutch Soda (Medium)Blackberry, vanilla, raspberryMedium$3.99
Gummy Bear Dutch Soda (Medium)Kiwi, lime, white chocolateMedium$3.99
Hawaiian Dutch Soda (Medium)Banana, orange, peach, strawberryMedium$3.99
Hyperchrome Dutch Soda (Medium)Orange, passion fruit, pomegranateMedium$3.99
Irie Dutch Soda (Medium)Banana and coconutMedium$3.99
Laser Cat Dutch Soda (Medium)Raspberry and coconutMedium$3.99
Majestic Forest Dutch Soda (Medium)Blackberry, blue raspberry, kiwiMedium$3.99

Dutch Bros Cold Brew

Drink NameIngredientsSizePrice
Caramelizer Cold BrewCaramel mochaMedium$7.69
Annihilator Cold BrewChocolate macadamia nut breveMedium$7.69
White Mocha Cold BrewWhite chocolate mochaMedium$7.69
Refreshing Cold BrewRefreshing and boldMedium$7.69
Peppermint Bliss Cold BrewWhite chocolate, peppermint, soft candy cane sprinklesMedium$7.69

Dutch Bros Smoothie

Drink NameIngredientsSizePrice
Peach Smoothie (Medium)Blended Peach fruit Smoothie, whipped creamMedium$6.59
Strawberry Smoothie (Medium)Blended Strawberry fruit Smoothie, whipped creamMedium$6.59
Wildberry Smoothie (Medium)Blended Wildberry Smoothie, whipped creamMedium$6.59
Green Apple Smoothie (Medium)Blended Green Apple fruit Smoothie, whipped creamMedium$6.59
Mango Smoothie (Medium)Blended Mango fruit Smoothie, whipped creamMedium$6.59


Drink NameIngredientsSizePrice
Not-So-Hot CocoaCocoa with whipKids$3.19

Featured Goodies

Double Chocolate Malt Loaf$4.49
Pumpkin White Chocolate Muffin$4.49
Chocolate Chip Cookie$3.49
Funfetti Cookie$3.49

Its All Goodies

Chocolate Chip Muffin Top$3.59
Lemon Poppyseed Muffin Top$3.59
Orange Cranberry Muffin Top$3.59
Granola Bar$3.59
Cinnamon Swirl Coffee Cake$4.49
GF Banana Walnut$4.49
Blueberry Muffin$4.49
Apple Crumble Muffin$4.49

Locally Baked Items

Cinnamon Swirl Coffee Cake$4.49
GF Banana Walnut$4.49
Blueberry Muffin$4.49
Apple Crumble Muffin$4.49

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Frequently Asked Questions

What Are the Dutch Bros Menu Prices Near Me?

The Dutch Bros menu has items with prices between $0.50 and $7.85. Menu items range from the lowest-priced item Dutch2O to the highest-priced item DB Cup. The price range of the menu of Dutch Bros at the store generally varies between $0.50 and $7.85.

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