Dutch Bros Menu with Prices 2024

Enjoy the Dutch Bros Menu with Prices, Ingredients, and Nutrition Details. Also, we are updating the Dutch Bros Menu and prices occasionally.

Dutch Bros Coffee is the perfect spot to visit because you can choose different flavors of coffee and drinks. However, knowing Dutch Bros Menu Prices in advance will help you to compare their prices with other coffee chains. To cover the Dutch Bros Prices, I’ve compiled a comprehensive list of Dutch Bros menu pricing, including sizes, prices, and flavors to help you select your favorite one.

Dutch Bros Menu Prices

In the Dutch Bros menu, you will find a wide range of drinks, including Smoothies, Seasonal Drinks, Tea, Cold Brew, Dutch Freeze, Dutch classics, Dutch Bros Rebel Energy Drink, Dutch Frost, Lemonade, Americano, Dutch Soda, Kids, Chai, Dutch Cocoa, Extras, and their famous All Goodies. We have also covered the updated Dutch Bros prices for the new drinks.


The Dutch Classics Menu has the Dutch Bros’ classic coffee drinks made with a combination of espresso, milk, and chocolate.

Menu ItemsTypePriceCaloriesIngredients
Kicker (Medium)Hot, Iced, Blended$6.49+190Breve with espresso, half and half, and Irish cream syrup
Golden EagleHot, Iced, Blended$6.49+620Whipped cream, creamy breve with espresso, half and half, vanilla syrup, caramel sauce, caramel drizzle
CaramelizerHot, Iced, Blended$6.49+220Chocolate milk, caramel sauce, espresso, whipped cream
CocomoHot, Iced, Blended$6.49+130Chocolate milk, coconut mocha with coconut syrup, whipped cream
AnnihilatorHot, Iced, Blended$6.49+270Chocolate macadamia nut breve with espresso and half and half
Double TortureHot, Iced, Blended$6.49+140Double espresso, Vanilla mocha with chocolate milk, whipped cream
Private Reserve AmericanoOne Size$4.29N/ADutch Bros Private Reserve coffee blend, Hand-pulled espresso shots with water
Salted Caramel BreveHot, Iced, Blended$6.49+N/ABreve with salted caramel


The Dutch Cocoa menu covers hot cocoa made with rich chocolate milk, steamed to perfection. You can enjoy it plain or with a touch of the flavor of your choice.

Menu ItemsSizePriceCaloriesIngredients
Caramel Dutch CocoaMedium$5.09620Hot chocolate, Caramel Dutch Cocoa. We start with our exclusive, creamy chocolate milk.
White Chocolate Dutch CocoaMedium$5.09590White Chocolate, Dutch Cocoa, Chocolate milk White chocolate sauce.
Double Chocolate Dutch CocoaMedium$5.09580Double Chocolate, Dutch Cocoa, Chocolate milk with chocolate sauce for a double hit.
Not So Hot Kids$5.09330
Vanilla Dutch CocoaMedium$5.09560Dutch Cocoa, Vanilla syrup, Creamy chocolate milk
White Zombie Dutch CocoaMedium$5.09--White chocolate and vanilla.
White Angel Dutch CocoaMedium$5.09--White chocolate, coconut and vanilla.
Hazelnut Truffle Dutch CocoaMedium$5.09--Hazelnut with soft top caramel drizzle.
Almond Bar Dutch CocoaMedium$5.09--White chocolate and almond.
Molten Lava Dutch CocoaMedium$5.09--Cinnamon and dark chocolate.
Wallaby Dutch CocoaMedium$5.09--Chocolate macadamia nut, dark chocolate and caramel.
Snickerdoodle Dutch CocoaMedium$5.09--Cinnamon, chocolate macadamia nut, white chocolate with cinnamon sprinkles.
Vanilla Bean Dutch CocoaMedium$5.09--Vanilla and chocolate macadamia nut.
Nutty Irishman Dutch CocoaMedium$5.09--Irish cream and hazelnut.
Tuxedo Dutch CocoaMedium$5.09--White chocolate and dark chocolate.
Trifecta Dutch CocoaMedium$5.09--Caramel, white chocolate and dark chocolate.
Toasted Mellow Dutch CocoaMedium$5.09--Vanilla and chocolate macadamia nut.
The Bob Dutch CocoaMedium$5.09--Banana, coconut and dark chocolate.
Jelly Donut Dutch CocoaMedium$5.09--Salted caramel, raspberry and almond.
Banana Bread Dutch CocoaMedium$5.09--Banana and hazelnut.
Islander Dutch CocoaMedium$5.09--Chocolate macadamia nut, coconut and vanilla.
Irie Dutch CocoaMedium$5.09--Banana and coconut.
Grasshopper Dutch CocoaMedium$5.09--Creme de menthe and dark chocolate.
German Chocolate Dutch CocoaMedium$5.09--Caramel, coconut and dark chocolate.
Dream Weaver Dutch CocoaMedium$5.09--Hazelnut and white chocolate.
Cookie Dutch CocoaMedium$5.09--White chocolate and chocolate macadamia nut.
Funky Monkey Dutch CocoaMedium$5.09--Banana and dark chocolate.
French Vanilla Bean Dutch CocoaMedium$5.09--Vanilla and caramel.
Flap Jack Dutch CocoaMedium$5.09--Salted caramel, white chocolate and vanilla.
Dutch Canyon CocoaMedium$5.09--White chocolate, dark chocolate, chocolate macadamia nut with caramel drizzle.
Cake Batter Dutch CocoaMedium$5.09--Almond Roca and white chocolate.
Banana Cream Pie Dutch CocoaMedium$5.09--Banana and white chocolate.
Banana Split Dutch CocoaMedium$5.09--Vanilla, banana and dark chocolate.


In this menu, you can select protein-based and high-calcium coffee with no added sugar.

Menu ItemsTypePriceCaloriesIngredients
Salted Caramel Protein Mocha (Medium)Hot & Iced$5.25370Salted Caramel, Espresso, Chocolate, Protein Milk, & Caramel Drizzle
Salted Caramel Protein Latte (Medium)Hot & Iced$5.25360Protein Milk, Salted Caramel, Espresso,& Caramel Drizzle
Creamy Vanilla Protein (Medium)Hot & Iced$5.25290Protein Milk, Vanilla, & Espresso
Protein Latte (Medium)Hot & Iced$5.25310Espresso and Protein Milk, with no added sugars


This special menu showcases Dutch Bros’ private Americano coffee blend, prepared with hand-pulled espresso shots and expertly diluted with hot water for a truly unique experience.

Americano Iced


Americano Hot




The Dutch Seasonal Drinks menu features the best flavors of the season. From Protein Mocha to Candy Cane, you will find a drink for everyone’s choice.

Dutch Bros Lucky Rebel


Dutch Bros Shamrock Kicker






Merry Mischief Rebel


Hazelnut Truffle Mocha


Snow Cap Freeze


Candy Cane Cold Brew


Zero Sugar Added Peppermint Bark Mocha




The Dutch Bros Cold Brew menu offers a selection of cold brew coffee drinks. The cold brew is described as “refreshing, smooth, and bold,” and it can be customized with any flavor, enjoyed iced, or toasted (hot).

Menu ItemsTypePriceCaloriesIngredients
Caramelizer Cold Brew (Medium)Iced$7.69420Caramel mocha.
Annihilator Cold Brew (Medium)Iced$7.69630Chocolate macadamia nut breve.
White Mocha Cold Brew (Medium)Iced$7.69430White chocolate mocha.
Refreshing Cold Brew (Medium)Iced$7.6915Refreshing and bold.
Peppermint Bliss Cold Brew (Medium)Iced$7.69--White chocolate, peppermint with soft candy cane sprinkles.
Hazelnut Truffle Mocha (Medium)Iced$7.69--Hand-pulled espresso, hazelnut flavor and chocolate milk topped with Soft Top and caramel drizzle.
Premium Nitro Cold BrewIced$7.6920Nitro infused and fully charged.


In the Dutch Freeze menu, you will get a perfectly made blended coffee that you can pair with your choice of flavor.

Menu ItemsTypePriceCaloriesIngredients
Caramelizer Cold Brew (Medium)Iced$7.69420Caramel mocha.
Annihilator Cold Brew (Medium)Iced$7.69630Chocolate macadamia nut breve.
White Mocha Cold Brew (Medium)Iced$7.69430White chocolate mocha.
Refreshing Cold Brew (Medium)Iced$7.6915Refreshing and bold.
Peppermint Bliss Cold Brew (Medium)Iced$7.69--White chocolate, peppermint with soft candy cane sprinkles.
Hazelnut Truffle Mocha (Medium)Iced$7.69--Hand-pulled espresso, hazelnut flavor and chocolate milk topped with Soft Top and caramel drizzle.
Premium Nitro Cold BrewIced$7.6920Nitro infused and fully charged.


A delicious blend of ice cream and your favorite flavors awaits you on the Dutch Frost menu. Whether you desire something fruity, nutty, or chocolaty, you’ll find a classic shake with a Dutch twist.

Menu ItemsSizePriceCaloriesIngredients
Unicorn BloodMedium$6.59Strawberry, white chocolate, almond.
Passion WaterMedium$6.59Passion fruit, watermelon.
StrawberryMedium$6.59Strawberry syrup blended with whipped cream.
NinjaMedium$6.59Creme de Menthe syrup, white chocolate sauce, whipped cream.
White Chocolate FrostMedium$6.59White chocolate sauce blended with whipped cream.
Cotton CandyMedium$6.59Blue raspberry syrup, white chocolate sauce, whipped cream.
Birthday Cake FrostMedium$6.59Almond roca syrup, white chocolate sauce, whipped cream, confetti sprinkles.
Red, White and BlueMedium$6.59Raspberry, blue raspberry, white chocolate.
Ray of SunshineMedium$6.59Blackberry, peach, grapefruit.
Pink FlamingoMedium$6.59Peach, strawberry, white chocolate.
Peach RingMedium$6.59White chocolate, passion fruit, peach drizzle.
Peach CobblerMedium$6.59White chocolate, peach, chocolate macadamia nut.
Nutty IrishmanMedium$6.59Irish cream and hazelnut.
Rocky PointMedium$6.59Blackberry, peach, coconut, orange.
Almond BarMedium$6.59White chocolate and almond.
Palm TreeMedium$6.59Pomegranate, passion fruit, lime.
SnickerdoodleMedium$6.59Cinnamon, chocolate macadamia nut, white chocolate with cinnamon sprinkles.
Palm BeachMedium$6.59Pomegranate and peach.
OrangesicleMedium$6.59Orange and vanilla.
OG GummybearMedium$6.59Pomegranate, passion fruit, watermelon, grapefruit.
Stop LightMedium$6.59Pomegranate, passion fruit, kiwi.
Starry NightMedium$6.59Blue raspberry and blackberry.
MidnightMedium$6.59Blackberry and pomegranate.
Sweet SunriseMedium$6.59Peach, passion fruit, orange banana.
The BobMedium$6.59Banana, coconut, dark chocolate.
Toasted MellowMedium$6.59Vanilla and chocolate macadamia nut.
Tricky TreMedium$6.59Orange and peach.
TrifectaMedium$6.59Caramel, white chocolate, dark chocolate.
TrixieMedium$6.59Almond, orange, pomegranate.
TuxedoMedium$6.59White chocolate and dark chocolate.
Vanilla BeanMedium$6.59Vanilla, chocolate macadamia nut.
WallabyMedium$6.59Chocolate macadamia nut, dark chocolate, caramel drizzle.
White AngelMedium$6.59White chocolate, coconut, vanilla.
White ZombieMedium$6.59White chocolate and vanilla.
Molten LavaMedium$6.59Cinnamon and dark chocolate.
MarmaladeMedium$6.59Strawberry, orange, grapefruit.
AquaberryMedium$6.59Strawberry, kiwi, blue raspberry, watermelon.
EclipseMedium$6.59Peach, passion fruit with blackberry and blue raspberry drizzle.
AstronautMedium$6.59Blackberry, raspberry, almond.
Banana BreadMedium$6.59Banana and hazelnut.
Banana Cream PieMedium$6.59Banana and white chocolate.
Banana SplitMedium$6.59Vanilla, banana, dark chocolate.
BubblegumMedium$6.59Banana, strawberry, vanilla.
Cake BatterMedium$6.59Almond roca and white chocolate.
CookieMedium$6.59White chocolate and chocolate macadamia nut.
Coral ReefMedium$6.59Orange, vanilla with blue raspberry drizzle.
Dinosaur EggMedium$6.59Blue raspberry with strawberry, white chocolate, and almond drizzle.
Dragon SlayerMedium$6.59Raspberry, blue raspberry with blackberry drizzle.
Dream WeaverMedium$6.59Hazelnut and white chocolate.
Dutch Canyon FrostMedium$6.59White chocolate, dark chocolate, chocolate macadamia nut with caramel drizzle.
Dutch Mojito FrostMedium$6.59Coconut, lime, creme de menthe.
Fire Lizard Dutch FrostMedium$6.59Strawberry, banana, and orange.
Majestic Forest Dutch FrostMedium$6.59Blackberry, blue raspberry, and kiwi.
Flat Jack Medium$6.59Salted caramel, white chocolate, and vanilla.
Freedom Dutch FrostMedium$6.59Vanilla with blueberry and raspberry drizzle.
Funky Monkey Dutch FrostMedium$6.59Banana and dark chocolate.
Galaxy FishMedium$6.59Strawberry, lime, and passion fruit.
Gem Berry Dutch FrostMedium$6.59Blackberry, vanilla, and raspberry.
German ChocolateMedium$6.59Caramel, coconut, and dark chocolate.
Grasshopper Medium$6.59Creme de menthe and dark chocolate.
Gummy Bear Medium$6.59Kiwi, lime, and white chocolate.
Irie Dutch FrostMedium$6.59Banana and coconut.
Islander Dutch FrostMedium$6.59Chocolate macadamia nut, coconut, and vanilla.
Jelly Donut Medium$6.59Salted caramel, raspberry, and almond.
Laser Cat Medium$6.59Raspberry and coconut.
HawaiianMedium$6.59Banana, orange, peach, and strawberry.
HyperchromeMedium$6.59Orange, passion fruit, and pomegranate.


A signature blend that you can customize with your favorite flavor awaits you. The Dutch Bros Rebel Energy Drink menu is also available in regular and sugar-free options.

Menu ItemsTypePriceCaloriesIngredients
Glacier Peak Blue Rebel (Medium)Blended$7.49300Blue raspberry & vanilla with soft top and raw sugar
Double Rainbro (Medium)Blended$7.49430Rebel Energy Drink mixed with a fantastic blend of strawberry syrup, peach syrup + coconut syrup
Peach (Medium)Blended$7.49450Rebel Energy Drink and peach syrup
Aftershock (Medium)Blended$7.49410Rebel Energy Drink and blended with strawberry syrup, blackberry syrup, raspberry syrup + lime syrup
Shark Attack (Medium)Blended$7.49500Rebel Energy Drink with blue raspberry syrup, coconut syrup + lime syrup and pomegranate syrup
Electric Berry (Medium)Blended$7.49420Rebel Energy Drink, Lime Syrup, Blue Raspberry Syrup
Watermelon (Medium)Blended$7.49410Rebel Energy Drink, Infused Watermelon Flavor
Strawberry (Medium)Blended$7.49410Rebel Energy Drink, Infused Strawberry Flavor
Dutch Luv Rebel (Medium)Blended$7.49410Blended Rebel Energy Drink, Infused Berry Flavor, Pink Soft Top
Vampire Slayer (Medium)Blended$7.49410Rebel Energy Drink, with Strawberry, Pomegranate
Boyfriend Rebel (Medium)Blended$7.49410Rebel Energy Drink and Infused Berry Flavor, Pink Soft Top


On the Dutch Tea menu, you can enjoy organic green tea or pairs black tea infused with the flavor of your choice.

Menu ItemsTypePriceCaloriesIngredients
Double Rainbro Tea (Medium)Hot or Iced$4.79Strawberry, peach, coconut, green or Paris black tea.
Peach Tea (Medium)Hot or Iced$4.79Peach syrup in green or Paris black tea.
Passion Fruit Tea (Medium)Hot or Iced$4.79Passion fruit syrup in green or Paris black tea.
Strawberry Tea (Medium)Hot or Iced$4.79Strawberry syrup in Paris black or green tea.
Tropical Tea (Medium)Hot or Iced$4.79Passion fruit, coconut, blue raspberry. Tropical flavors in green or Paris black tea.
Ray of Sunshine Tea (Medium)Hot or Iced$4.79Blackberry, peach, and grapefruit tea
Orangesicle Tea (Medium)Hot or Iced$4.79Orange, vanilla tea
Palm Beach Tea (Medium)Hot or Iced$4.79Pomegranate and peach
Palm Tree Tea (Medium)Hot or Iced$4.79Pomegranate, passion fruit, lime.
Passion Water Tea (Medium)Hot or Iced$4.79Passion fruit, watermelon.
Starry Night Tea (Medium)Hot or Iced$4.79Blue raspberry, blackberry.
Rocky Point Tea (Medium)Hot or Iced$4.79Blackberry, peach, coconut, orange.
Midnight Tea (Medium)Hot or Iced$4.79Blackberry pomegranate.
Stop Light Tea (Medium)Hot or Iced$4.79Pomegranate, passion fruit, kiwi.
Sweet Sunrise Tea (Medium)Hot or Iced$4.79Peach, passion fruit, orange, banana.
Tricky Tre Tea (Medium)Hot or Iced$4.79Orange, peach.
Trixie Tea (Medium)Hot or Iced$4.79Almond, orange, pomegranate.
OG GummyBear Tea (Medium)Hot or Iced$4.79Pomegranate, passion fruit, watermelon, grapefruit.
Aquaberry Tea (Medium)Hot or Iced$4.79Strawberry, kiwi, blue raspberry, watermelon.
Astronaut Tea (Medium)Hot or Iced$4.79Blackberry, raspberry, almond.
Galaxy Fish Tea (Medium)Hot or Iced$4.79Strawberry, lime, passion fruit.
Decaf Ceylon Tea (Medium)Hot or Iced$4.79
Dragon Slayer Tea (Medium)Hot or Iced$4.79Raspberry, blue raspberry with blackberry drizzle.
Dutch Mojito Tea (Medium)Hot or Iced$4.79Coconut, lime, creme de menthe.
Eclipse Tea (Medium)Hot or Iced$4.79Peach, passion fruit with blackberry, blue raspberry drizzle.
Fire Lizard Tea (Medium)Hot or Iced$4.79Strawberry, banana, orange.
Freedom Tea (Medium)Hot or Iced$4.79Vanilla with blue raspberry, raspberry drizzle.
Gem Berry Tea (Medium)Hot or Iced$4.79Blackberry, vanilla, raspberry.
Majestic Forest Tea (Medium)Hot or Iced$4.79Blackberry, blue raspberry, kiwi.
Green Tea (Medium)Hot or Iced$4.79Citrus ginkgo green tea.
Green Tea Lemonade (Medium)Hot or Iced$4.79
Hawaiian Tea (Medium)Hot or Iced$4.79Banana, orange, peach, strawberry.
Hot Cinnamon Spice Tea (Medium)Hot or Iced$4.79
Hyperchrome Tea (Medium)Hot or Iced$4.79Orange, passion fruit, pomegranate.
Irie Tea (Medium)Hot or Iced$4.79Banana, coconut.
Laser Cat Tea (Medium)Hot or Iced$4.79Raspberry, coconut.
Marmalade Tea (Medium)Hot or Iced$4.79Strawberry, orange, grapefruit.


The Dutch Bros Kids menu is specially crafted for kids. You will find a combination of Dutch Frost, Smoothies, Sodas, and Not-So-Hot on this menu.



Strawberry Smoothie




If you want a refreshing and fruity drink then try the Dutch Smoothies menu, made with real fruit purée and ice. You can choose from four classic flavors: strawberry, green apple, mango, and peach.

Menu ItemsSizePriceCaloriesIngredients
Peach Smoothie (Medium)Medium$6.59620Blended Peach fruit Smoothie topped with whipped cream.
Strawberry Smoothie (Medium)Medium$6.59450Blended Strawberry fruit Smoothie topped with whipped cream.
Wildberry Smoothie (Medium)Medium$6.59550Blended Wildberry Smoothie topped with whipped cream.
Green Apple Smoothie (Medium)Medium$6.59550Blended Green Apple fruit Smoothie topped with whipped cream.
Mango Smoothie (Medium)Medium$6.59540Blended Mango fruit Smoothie topped with whipped cream.


Dutch Lemonades are made with fresh-squeezed lemons and natural sweeteners. You can enjoy them plain or with a twist of flavor. From tropical to electric, the Dutch lemonade menu is available in different flavors of your choice.

Menu ItemsTypePriceCaloriesIngredients
Electric Berry LemonadeIced or Blended$4.89Lime and blue raspberry, lemonade with lime and blue raspberry syrups.
Strawberry LemonadeIced or Blended$4.89Lemonade with strawberry syrup.
Palm Beach LemonadeIced or Blended$4.89Lemonade with pomegranate and peach syrups.
Tiger’s Blood LemonadeIced or Blended$4.89Lemonade with strawberry and coconut syrups.
Strawberry Pineapple LemonadeIced or Blended$4.89Lemonade with strawberry and pineapple syrups.
Palm Tree LemonadeIced or Blended$4.89Pomegranate, passion fruit, and lime lemonade.
Trixie LemonadeIced or Blended$4.89Almond, orange, pomegranate lemonade.
Tricky Tre LemonadeIced or Blended$4.89Lemonade with a blend of orange and peach syrups.
Sweet Sunrise LemonadeIced or Blended$4.89lemonade with peach, passion fruit, and orange banana.
Stoplight LemonadeIced or Blended$4.89Pomegranate, passion fruit, and kiwi, lemonade.
Starry Night LemonadeIced or Blended$4.89Signature lemonade with a blend of blue raspberry, and blackberry.
Rocky Point LemonadeIced or Blended$4.89Lemonade with a tropical twist of blackberry, peach, coconut, orange.
Ray of Sunshine LemonadeIced or Blended$4.89Blackberry, peach, and grapefruit lemonade.
Passion Water LemonadeIced or Blended$4.89Passion fruit, watermelon, lemonade with a refreshing mix.
Aquaberry LemonadeIced or Blended$4.89Strawberry, kiwi, blue raspberry, and watermelon lemonade.
Astronaut LemonadeIced or Blended$4.89Blackberry, raspberry, almond. Signature lemonade with a unique mix.
Galaxy Fish LemonadeIced or Blended$4.89Strawberry, lime, passion fruit. Signature lemonade with a galactic touch.
Fire Lizard LemonadeIced or Blended$4.89Strawberry, banana, orange. Signature lemonade with a fiery blend.
Eclipse LemonadeIced or Blended$4.89Peach, passion fruit with blackberry, blue raspberry drizzle. Signature lemonade with an eclipse touch.
OG Gummybear LemonadeIced or Blended$4.89Pomegranate, passion fruit, watermelon, grapefruit. Signature lemonade with a gummy twist.
Gem Berry LemonadeIced or Blended$4.89Blackberry, vanilla, raspberry. Signature lemonade with a berry gem.
Dragon Slayer LemonadeIced or Blended$4.89Raspberry, blue raspberry, blackberry drizzle. Signature lemonade with a dragon twist.
Orangesicle LemonadeIced or Blended$4.89Orange, vanilla. Signature lemonade with a creamsicle twist. Available iced or blended!
Midnight LemonadeIced or Blended$4.89Blackberry, pomegranate. Signature lemonade with a hint of darkness.
Marmalade LemonadeIced or Blended$4.89Strawberry, orange, grapefruit. Signature lemonade with a marmalade touch.
Majestic Forest LemonadeIced or Blended$4.89Blackberry, blue raspberry, kiwi. Signature lemonade with a forest blend.
Laser Cat LemonadeIced or Blended$4.89Raspberry, coconut. Signature lemonade with a laser touch.
Hyperchrome LemonadeIced or Blended$4.89Orange, passion fruit, pomegranate. Signature lemonade with a chromatic mix.
Green Tea LemonadeIced or Blended$4.89Signature lemonade infused with green tea. A refreshing blend.
Hawaiian LemonadeIced or Blended$4.89Banana, orange, peach, strawberry. Signature lemonade with a Hawaiian twist.


Dutch Soda menu has a different flavor combo that you can get with infused soda water.

















The Dutch Chai menu offers the choice of milk combined with different notes like cardamom and cinnamon. You can select your favorite flavors like Vanilla, Caramel, or Chocolate.

Menu ItemsSizePriceCaloriesIngredients
Vanilla ChaiMedium$5.29Vanilla syrup, your choice of milk, and whipped cream. Available hot or iced.
White Chocolate Chai LatteMedium$5.29Spiced Chai Tea, white chocolate sauce, with whip, cinnamon, and nutmeg sprinkles. Available hot or iced.
Golden Eagle ChaiMedium$5.29Chai tea breve with vanilla and caramel, caramel drizzle, and whipped cream. Available hot or iced.
Dirty ChaiMedium$5.29Chai with added shots.
Christmas Morning ChaiMedium$5.29White chocolate chai breve.
White Zombie ChaiMedium$5.29White chocolate and vanilla.


In this Go To Menu, you will find the all-time favorite Dutch Bros Go to Drinks.









White Chocolate






In the Dutch Bros Snacks menu, you will find delicious treats that you can pair with your drink.

Menu ItemsSizePriceCaloriesIngredients
Chocolate Chip Muffin TopNot specified$3.59
Lemon Poppyseed Muffin TopNot specified$3.59
Orange Cranberry Muffin TopNot specified$3.59
Granola BarNot specified$3.59

Compared to other brands like Starbucks, Dutch Bros prices are quite reasonable, and I hope the mentioned prices will help you select your favorite flavor within your budget.

Disclaimer: The Dutch Bros prices mentioned on this page may not be accurate for all locations due to different taxes in states. To get the most up-to-date pricing, it’s best to directly contact or visit the Dutch Bros Coffee in your area.

Dutch Bros Coffee History

Dutch Bros Coffee is a famous US-based drive-through coffee chain founded in 1992. Dutch Bros has branches around the US including California, Texas, Oregon, etc. Here, I have covered the all menus of Dutch bros with sizes and prices.

As of 2024, Dutch Bros Coffee has around 900 locations in the US, covering 15 states and territories, and serving 401 cities. Also, check out the latest Dutch bros coffee prices.

Dutch Bros Extras

If you are feeling extra and want to customize your drink with your favorite topping, then Dutch Bros has a list of extras for you.

  • Oat Milk
  • Almond Milk
  • Coconut Milk
  • Extra Dub Shot
  • Whipped Cream
  • Soft Top
  • Syrup
  • Sauce

Dutch Bros. Coffee Secret Menu

Dutch Bros has some secret menu drinks that you can get if you know what to ask for.

Here are some of them:

  • The Gummy Bear: A colorful and tasty drink is fruity and fun. It has Dutch Bros. Peach Rebel and Blue Raspberry Rebel.
  • S’mores Breve: This drink is like a s’more. It has Dutch Bros. Hour Breve, chocolate sauce, and marshmallow.
  • Double Torture: This drink has Dutch Chocolate and White Chocolate Mocha.
  • Snickers Macchiato: It has Dutch Bros. Caramel Macchiato and chocolate sauce with hazelnut. This drink is like a Snickers candy bar.
  • Dirty Grasshopper: It has Dutch Bros. Grasshopper freeze with espresso to make it strong. This drink is minty and cool.

Dutch Bros Menu Nutrition

Iced CoffeeSmall120027251
Iced CoffeeMedium180141381
Iced CoffeeLarge240255511
Frozen Blended CoffeeSmall300066641
Frozen Blended CoffeeMedium4501100961
Frozen Blended CoffeeLarge60021331281
Chai LatteSmall160525222
Chai LatteMedium240837333
Chai LatteLarge3201249444

How To Order Online From Dutch Bros. Coffee?

When you are ordering with Dutch bros online, it’s important to note that menu prices may slightly differ from those at the physical outlets. If you want to explore the online available options with prices, you can visit Delivery.com.

Dutch Bros Order Online

Menu Items That Are No Longer Available at Dutch Bros

Some drinks are no longer available on Dutch Bros Menu and here are some of them:

Cherry: This was a syrup that added a fruity and tangy flavor to many drinks. It was used in the Cherry Mocha and the Cherry Lemonade.

S’more Breve Latte: This drink was like a campfire treat. It had dark chocolate, white chocolate, chocolate macadamia, and a sweet syrup with brown sugar and cinnamon.

Sugar Cookie: This drink was made with white coffee, almond Roca, vanilla, and white chocolate. It was very sweet and creamy.

Snickerdoodle Breve: This drink was like a snickerdoodle cookie. It had dark chocolate, caramel, and a nutty syrup with hazelnut.

Lavender: This was a syrup that added a floral and refreshing flavor to many drinks. It was used in the Lavender Latte and the Lavender Lemonade.

Brown Sugar Cinnamon: This was a syrup that added a warm and spicy flavor to many drinks. It was used in the S’more Breve Latte and the Snickerdoodle Breve.

Dutch Bros Menu Items for Specialty Diets

Here is a list of your best options for syrups that don’t have sugar in them:

  • Irish Cream
  • Coconut
  • Raspberry
  • Peach
  • Strawberry
  • White Chocolate
  • Chocolate
  • Caramel
  • Vanilla
  • Chocolate Macadamia Nut
  • Hazelnut

For more details check out the Dutch Bros Sugar Free Flavors and drinks options.

Dutch Bros. Rewards Program

Dutch Bros. has a Reward Program and when you buy any drink you will get points that you can use to get free drinks. To join the program, you will need the Dutch Bros. App and make an account. Or you can join it at any Dutch Bros. store.

You will get 5 points for every dollar you spend and refer to your friends and family. When you have enough points, you can use them to get free drinks and food.

Tips to Save Money at Dutch Bros.

You can save money at Dutch Bros. with these tips:

  • Join the rewards program: You will get points when you buy things at Dutch Bros. You can use your points to get free drinks and food.
  • Go during Happy Hour: Happy Hour is every day from 2 to 5 pm. You can get a bigger iced coffee or smoothie for the same price as a smaller one.
  • Split a drink with a friend: Dutch Bros. drinks are big so you can share a drink with a friend. This is a good way to pay less if you don’t have much money.
  • Make your drink the way you like it: The baristas at Dutch Bros are very nice and they will make your drink just for you. You can change the ice, the sugar, or the milk. This can make your drink cheaper.
  • Use your own cup: Dutch Bros. will give you a lower price if you bring your own cup. This is a good way to save money and help the planet.

Dutch Bros. Opening and Closing Hours

Dutch Bros Weekday Hours (SUN – THU)

DaysOpening HoursClosing Hours
Sunday5:00 AM10:00 PM
Monday5:00 AM10:00 PM
Tuesday5:00 AM10:00 PM
Wednesday5:00 AM10:00 PM
Thursday5:00 AM10:00 PM
Dutch Bros Weekday Hours

Dutch Bros Hours During Weekends (FRI and SAT)

DaysOpening HoursClosing Hours
Friday5:00 AM11:00 PM
Saturday5:00 AM11:00 PM
Dutch Bros Hour During Weekend

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Dutch Bros Corporate Office Address332 NW 6th St Grants Pass, OR 97526 United States
Dutch Bros Corporate Phone Number+1 541-471-8742
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Dutch Bros. Coffee Contact Information

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Frequently Asked Questions

The cheapest drink at the Dutch Bros menu is Dutch2O which costs $0.50. If we talk about coffee and tea then the cheapest option is Dutch Bros Cocoa dinks small size that will cost you $2.60.

The most expensive drink at Dutch Bros menu is Dutch Bros Smoothie large size that will cost you $7.85.

The Dutch Bros menu has items with prices between $0.50 and $7.85. Menu items range from the lowest-priced item Dutch2O to the highest-priced item DB Cup. The price range of the menu of Dutch Bros at the store generally varies between $0.50 and $7.85.

Due to inflation and changes in operational processes, prices at Dutch Bros have increased in the past.

The most popular items at Dutch Bros are:

  • Kicker
  • Caramelizer
  • Annihilator
  • Dutch Freeze
  • White Chocolate
  • Golden Eagle

Dutch Bros lets you make your drink the way you like it. You can pick your coffee, tea, or smoothie with different flavors and ingredients. You can also change the milk, sugar, or anything else you want. The baristas at Dutch Bros are very nice and they will make your drink just for you.

Dutch Bros sometimes has offers and deals for its customers and these deals can be different depending on where you are, when you go, and what each store does.

During the Dutch Bros. happy hour every day from 2 to 5 pm. you can get a bigger iced coffee or smoothie for the same price as a smaller one. This is a good way to enjoy your Dutch Bros. drinks and pay less.

As a vegan option you can select Iced Coffee with almond milk and white chocolate Smoothie with oat milk, caramel Chai latte with soy milk, vanilla Tea lemonade with almond milk, raspberry Nitro cold brew with oat milk, and hazelnut. Dutch Bros also has some vegan snacks like the Protein Bites and the Oatmeal with Fruit and Nuts.

If you don’t want dairy, you can have non-dairy milk options at Dutch Bros. These options include Almond milk, Oat milk, and Soy milk. You can ask for any of these in your drink for free.

As compared to other brands Dutch bros prices are still reasonable.

No, Dutch Bros prices do not include tax and you have to pay the drink cost plus the application tax amount.

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