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Electric Berry Iced

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Dutch Bros Electric Berry Iced is a stunning combination of lime syrup and blue raspberry syrup that creates a bright and tangy taste. It’s mixed with the Dutch Bros Rebel Energy Drink, which is packed with caffeine and vitamins to keep you going.

It’s served over ice, so you can enjoy the refreshing and fizzy sensation of this drink. Also, check the Electric Berry Blended.

Small Electric Berry Iced Price: $4.60
Medium Electric Berry Iced Price: $5.35
Large Electric Berry Iced Price: $7.35

Electric Berry Iced Ingredients

  • Rebel Energy Drink
  • Lime Syrup
  • Blue Raspberry Syrup
  • Ice

Nutrition Report

Nutritional InformationSmallMediumLarge
Total Fat0G0G0G
Total Carbs49G60G97G
Electric Berry Iced with Nutrition Report