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9-1-1 Iced

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9-1-1 Iced is a refreshing and energizing drink from Dutch Bros. This drink combines six shots of espresso, half and half, and Irish cream syrup to create a smooth and creamy iced coffee.

The iced 9-1-1 is perfect for a hot day or when you need a quick boost of caffeine. You can also try 9-1-1 Blended or 9-1-1 Hot.

Small 9-1-1 Iced Price: $4.50
Medium 9-1-1 Iced Price: $4.90
Large 9-1-1 Iced Price: $5.90

9-1-1 Iced Ingredients

  • Espresso
  • Irish Cream Breve
  • Half and Half
  • Ice

Nutrition Report

Nutritional InformationSmallMediumLarge
Total Fat2G13G25G
Total Carbs51G54G58G
9-1-1 Iced with Nutrition Report