Snacks Calories & Price at Dutch Bros Menu

Dutch Bros is a popular coffee chain that also offers some snacks to pair with your drink. This coffee chain names these all goodies Snacks menu. In the United States, almost every branch of this coffee chain has various Snack options to order with your drinks.


Snacks Menu

You can try on a variety of snacks available on the Snacks menu of Dutch Bros in the United States. This Snacks menu or All Goodies covers Muffin Tops and Granola Bar.

They have four types of muffin tops: chocolate chip, lemon poppyseed, orange cranberry, and granola bar. Some locations also sell “Grab-N-Go” snacks, including frosted vanilla cookies, donut holes, and nut mix. These snacks are meant to be delicious treats that can satisfy your hunger and sweet tooth.

Snacks Menu Prices

These snack Items are priced reasonably at this coffee chain and the prices that we have mentioned above in this blog. The prices may vary depending upon the location of the Dutch Bros branch in the country as many factors contribute to changes in pricing.

Chocolate Chip Muffin Top$2.95
Orange Cranberry Muffin$2.95
Lemon Poppyseed Muffin Top$2.95
Granola Bar$2.75
Snacks Menu with Prices

Snacks Nutrition Report

SnacksCaloriesTotal FatTotal CarbsProtein
Chocolate Chip Muffin Top54028G70G7G
Orange Cranberry Muffin47018G72G6G
Lemon Poppyseed Muffin Top46020G63G6G
Granola Bar41018G60G6G
Snacks with Nutrition Report

The above tables describe the main nutrients in the items available on the Snacks Menu. It would be really helpful if you have a look at the content of these nutrients in different portion sizes of Muffin Tops and Granola Bar.

Final Note

In this blog, we discussed the different flavors of Muffin Tops and Granola Bar available on the Snacks menu of Dutch Bros in the United States. Additionally, we included details about their prices and nutritional values. We hope this blog is helpful and that you find the information you were looking for.